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Practising Plain Hunt

Once you have tried Plain Hunt a few times, you will want to practice it at home.  You may also want to download the Plain Hunt on 4 cheat sheet to work along with the videos.

Here are a couple of videos that you can follow along, using a small stick or just your arms to mimic the handbells.  These videos are from the point of view of ringing the Trebles (bells number 1 and 2).  Keep repeating the video until you can follow along and ring at the same time.

This first one is a simple Plain Hunt on 4:

Plain Hunt on 4

It is possible to repeat a Plain Hunt over and over again.  Once you come into rounds at the end of your Plain Hunt, start again by swapping at the very next handstroke.  This video repeat Plain Hunt three times:

Plain Hunt on 4 repeated three times