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Handbell Safety

Handbell Safety???!!!! Are Handbells Dangerous?

NO.  But you might be dangerous to handbells.  They look heavy and sturdy, but the metal part can crack if it hits a hard surface (like another bell)

Here are some simple steps to keep our handbells in good working order:

1. Wash your hands before touching the handbells (dirty hands make the leather handles yucky).

2. Always pick up the handbells by the leather handle and avoid touching the metal part or the clapper inside.

3. Avoid 'clashing' two handbells together (banging the metal parts into each other):
  • When seated, rest the handbells on your lap, one on each leg:
  • correct position of hanbells at rest
  • When standing, hold the handbells at your sides.
4. Replace the handbells back in their case when you are finished ringing.

5. If you are taking a short break, make sure you put the handbells onto a soft, level surface (so they can't roll off).

6. Place two handbells 'head to foot' so that the bells don't clash if they roll a bit:
handbells head to foot

7. Don't ever place a handbell 'on it's head' (see image below).  You can see websites with pictures of handbells resting like this, but it is not stable and not very good for the clapper inside.
do not put handbell on its head