Change Ringing Websites

Change Ringing on Handbells Links

Here is a list of the most useful websites for people learning change ringing on handbells.

Learning to Ring Handbells
A blog about the development of change ringing on handbells in Scotland with tips for learning.

Abel/Mabel/Mobel Ringing Simulators
A ringing simulator that allows you to practice change ringing on your PC, Mac or iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Handbell Manager
A bolt-on programme for the Abel simulator that lets you use game controllers to practice handbell ringing.  For PCs only.

Recordings of change ringing on handbells
What it says....

Other ringing links

The following are links that are not specifically about change ringing on handbells, but are useful for finding out more about change ringing:

The Ringing World
A weekly journal especially for bell ringers.

The Scottish Association of Change Ringers
Use this website to find out about bell ringing in Scotland

The Ringing Foundation
This useful organisation has a great website full of videos and information about change ringing

The Worcester Cathedral Guild of Bellringers
They have a fantastic  teaching centre and their website contains a good (and short) description of change ringing, plus some good videos

The North American Guild of Change Ringers
This association website also has a very good explanation of change ringing

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers
This is the main organisaing body for bell ringers, and is less accessible to beginners, but it has loads of good information if you are prepared to look around.

Change Ringing Resources
Very simply the definitive list of ringing-related websites.