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Learning from Mistakes

With the first 4-week block finished, we make a few changes......

By the time we had the second block, we had learned some lessons, and changed the goals to plain hunting on 4 instead of 6, which meant we could do demonstrations without Abel, and we could cycle more children through ringing exercises.  It was also very easy to rehearse various parts of plain hunt through call change exercises.    

I had started to manage the explanations via question and answer sessions, and began to encourage the children to try and explain things to each other.    For example, we worked out the pattern for Plain Hunt on 4 by ringing it on bodies, and having another pupil write down each row, and the rest telling me what row came next.  I made big posters of the coursing pairs which we marked up with all the landmarks they identified (back rounds, queens etc).

Of course they still confounded our expectations.  In the second group, they got the handling straight away, and got into the symmetry of the plain hunting pattern.  So we spent the rest of the session practicing Plain Hunt on 4, getting as far as introducing the opposites pair. 

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