Change Ringing on Handbells

Meeting Dates

The handbell club started a new six-week block on 12th January.  This is for new learners only, and we are consulting on a sustainability plan to help progress our existing ringers.

In the meantime, you can practise some ringing using our new video guides.  More will follow once we have got the hang of the editing software!
The Mount Vernon Handbell Club is a school club at Mount Vernon Primary School in Glasgow, which is dedicated to learning change ringing on handbells.  We think we are the only primary school in Scotland with a handbell club!  This website will contain club announcements, reminders, and resources about change ringing on handbells. 

The handbell club teaches pupils about the ancient art of Change Ringing.  In change ringing, people ring a set of bells through a series of mathematical patterns.  It has been practised continuously since the 17th Century.  No special maths or musical ability is required to learn to ring these patterns.  Change ringing on handbells
teaches rhythm, timing and encourages memory skills and teamwork.  Please have a browse through the website to find out more about change ringing and handbell ringing.

Visiting a Bell Tower

We ring at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral each Tuesday evening.  If you would like to come and see change ringing on big tower bells, you are welcome to come and watch.  Please contact me at to arrange a visit.  If you visit the bell tower, you must be accompanied by your parent or carer.

Bellringing in the News

Bellringers were busy last summer, starting with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  This is a video of the 'bell barge' leading the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant.  There are real people ringing these bells, although you can't see them.

Bellringing on the Thames

There was a lot of bellringing during the Olympics too.  If you listened carefully during both the women's and men's marathons, churches that lined the route rang throughout the entire event.  Here is a performance of a piece specially commissioned for the Olympics, with the composer getting a bellringing lesson:

Five Rings Triples